1.1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods in a door-to-door delivery system to the Buyer.

1.2. The Seller shall provide the proper packaging of the Goods and shall ensure the transmission of the accompanying documents.

1.3. The Seller shall perform the delivery of the Goods and Services exclusively on the territory of Romania.

      2. SHIPMENT

2.1 The delivery of the Goods purchased from the Nail Art Professionals webshop is made only through the express courier system.

The ordered Goods are delivered throughout the territory of Romania via Urgent Cargus.

The shipment of Nail Art Professionals products is FREE for a minimum order of 350 RON provided that the Buyer is within the area covered by the Urgent Cargus courier network.

For orders (in cities within the area covered by Urgent Cargus) with a total sum less than 350 RON and payment refound, the delivery cost is 20 RON (VAT incl.).

In case the Buyer is not within the area covered by Urgent Cargus delivery network, the delivery cost will increase with 1 RON (including VAT) for each additional km.

2.2. The deadlines and time periods are indicated when placing and order and the delivery deadline can be influenced by: shipping of goods from the Nail Art Professionals supplier, processing times in the logistics center of the initial supplier and in the Nail Art Professionals warehouse, working days of the month, the number of products in the order and the processing times of each product etc. Total delivery time may be offset by a product with a longer processing period. The Buyer agrees that, by accumulating multiple products in an order, the delivery time offsets the delivery of the products until the most distant date. Deliveries will be usually performed within the period mentioned in the order placement (varies between 1 day and 2 days) and the Buyer can obtain delivery status information at any time. If the product shall be delivered by exceeding the delivery deadline, Nail Art Professionals will promptly inform the Buyer via e-mail offering two options: the Buyer may either cancel (in writing) on the order or accept the new proposed delivery term. In the event that the payment has been made in advance of the delivery, the paid amount will be fully refunded within 14 days from the return date, in accordance with the legislation in force.