Professional system, specially designed for the “protection gel polish” technique (forming the apex of the nail using base coat). Due to the composition of these products, they allow shaping the natural nails without using the nail file. Thanks to the self leveling feature, the results are simply perfect: impeccable manicures and nails – without striae and imperfections.
We recommend the PRO product range for any type of nails: protects and repairs even the most fragile ones.

up to 4 weeks resistance
shaping the natural nails is possible without using the nail file
suitable for ANY type of nails
strengthens the natural nails
extra pigmentation

perfect coverage
easy to apply
intense shine
repairs the damaged nails
avoids thinning the natural nails




imperfections on/of the nails remain untreated
does not change the structure of difficult nails
cannot reconstruct broken nail corners 
preserves the structure of nails without protecting them
2-3 weeks resistance
the nails might reject the polish due to the used solutions

covers the imperfections on the nail surface
shapes the natural nail without the nail file
can reconstruct broken corners without the nail file
protects and strengthens the natural nail
long lasting – up to 3-4 resistance
100% protects nail, base coat remains on nails and the nails grows healthy


creates perfect architecture of the nail without using the nail file
provides perfection and resistance to any type of nail
repairs broken nail corners
treats and protects fragile nails
corrects all imperfections of the nail without using the nail file

perfect coverage, even with one layer
extra pigmentation
no brush marks on the nail surface
ensures a perfect cuticle line
creamy texture

long lasting shine and gloss
protects the color
flexible (gum-like) texture
perfect sealing of the color
perfect sealing of decorations